Virtual Sleep Consultant in Orange County CA

Virtual Sleep Consulting

How many late nights do you spend simply dreaming of sleep? As a parent, you most likely know all too well that sleep deprivation is real. In fact, that’s probably why you’re here. You’re exhausted and you just want one good night’s sleep.

Whether you’re struggling from sleepless nights with a newborn or your 5-year old isn’t sleeping well, or even your own sleep is not up to par, we have solutions for you. Conferring with a virtual sleep consultant could be just the answer you need. Virtual sleep consulting works almost the same as sleep consulting except that everything takes place on a virtual level so you can stay in the comfort of your home and not be bombarded by a stranger.

If you’re feeling like you’re out of options, like you’ve tried all the books and tips and you simply don’t know what else to do – NOW is your time! You don’t have to suffer through lack of sleep for days, months, or years to come. There are viable solutions and at Dream Big Sleep Consulting, we’re here to help you find the sleep solutions you need.

You don’t have to suffer in sleeplessness, there are solutions for you! 

The Virtual Sleep Consulting Process

As with any type of consultation process, there is a guideline and a process to be followed. Understand that results take consistency and effort – they won’t just happen overnight. We follow a strategic process designed to get results. At Dream Big Sleep Consulting, we want to get it right and we want you to find that sleep you deserve! Our services can be used for all ages, from prenatal stages to adulthood.

Here is a simple breakdown of the process you can expect. 

Free Sleep evaluation

Start with a free sleep evaluation. You can use our online contact form or call or text me directly to get started. Sleep evaluations done over the phone with a 15 minute pre-scheduled call.

Select the Perfect Plan for you

Once you have decided to move forward with your personalized sleep package, we will establish a plan and a guideline for you to follow. This plan will be tailored to you and your needs, considering individual aspects of your child and family.

Virtual Consultation

Then we will hold a virtual consultation to go over every aspect of your plan and fine tune the details so you are ready to work toward restful sleep.

Sleep and Support

You will be well on your way to blissful, dreamy sleep. We are here to support you through the entire process and long afterward. Remember this takes time and effort so don’t expect results overnight, this is just the beginning to a good night’s sleep, and more!

Orange County Virtual Sleep Consultant

At Dream Big Sleep Consulting, we’re here for you. We know the importance of sleep and we’re certified to help you find that dreamy place. And we want to help you through that journey!

Don’t hesitate to reach out for your free sleep evaluation today! Be well on your way to the dreamland you deserve. 

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Your dreams have become a reality! Sleep is possible.

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