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Bonus Dreams (additional follow up support for previous clients)

30 minute phone call and summary email (if needed) = $100

Do you have a new challenge that you are working through such as adjusting nap schedule, transitioning to a toddler bed, downhill slide due to a recent illness, or anything disrupting your child’s sleep skills that you have not been able to tackle on your own? Then let me help you work out the issues and guide you in the right direction. I will assess the current situation, provide the right solutions to move forward, and finish off with a summary email (if needed) for you to refer too.

1 week unlimited email support = $150

Some families need or prefer a week’s worth of time to communicate how things are going with your little one, get the advice you need, and ensure you stay on track to tackle your current sleep issue. With email support, you can get unlimited email responses and follow ups to make sure all your questions are answered while you work to get your child back on track.

Refresher/Tune-up consult (pre-assessment of new situation, 30-45 min tele-consult to create a game plan, 1 week email) = $225

Various situations require a little bit more than just a phone call or email will provide. If you need a refresher consult to tackle multiple issues, or find that you can’t pinpoint the problems that you and your child are facing with sleep, then you can get a refresher to our original consultation. This will be a “miniature” version of what we already did when we worked together initially and is a fantastic solution if your child has grown much older and the original plan and strategies is no longer appropriate. Sometimes, new ages hold new challenges and I will make sure you get back to that place of successful sleep with your little one.

Dream Transitions

There are a few expected and predictable transitions that your little one might experience after graduating as a superstar sleeper. Many kiddos will be able to continue “dreaming” right through these changes, but sometimes the changes may disrupt your little one’s big dreams.

The most common “Dream Transitions” include:
• Dropping down to 1 nap
• Dropping naps completely
• Starting daycare/preschool
• Climbing out of the crib and moving to a toddler bed
• Night time potty training
• Traveling/going on a trip

For these transitions, we have specially built packages that will provide you with a 30 minute phone call to discuss the transition, a written Dream Guide for you to follow, and one email exchange for you to follow up with questions about moving forward. “Dream Transition” packages allow you to continue supporting your little ones dreams through a particular big milestone with steps, strategies, and reassurance.

Investment: $175

Long Term Dreams

As your little one continues to grow and develop, it is likely you will find yourself in many new sleep situations. While my aim is to ensure that you are completely confident and able to tackle these (with the knowledge you have gained and the resources at your disposal), you may decide that you prefer the security of having a “sleep consultant in your back pocket.” With a “Long Term Dreams” retainer package, you can have consistent and easy access to me and my support. Once a month (on a predetermined date), I will check in with you via phone call* OR email* to discuss your little one’s sleep. This is the perfect way to get your questions answered as they come up, to get feedback about your child's current sleep, or even get assurance that you are on track and handling everything successfully. No matter what your motivation, these packages have your comfort in mind as you navigate sleep for the next few months and/or years.

*Note: your choice of communication preference includes one of the following to take place each month: one 30 minute phone call or one email thread with up to 3 emails.

1 year of Long Term Dreams = $700
6 month of Long Term Dreams = $400

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