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Group Seminars

Join other parents in sleep tips and advice

Group Seminars with Dream Big Sleep Consulting provide the unique experience of learning about your child’s sleep needs and strategies alongside other parents who may be going through similar struggles. The benefits include sharing experiences and learning together, as well as a lower cost (while getting knowledge and tools to tackle sleep challenges once and for all). 

These seminars are perfect for workplaces, formal parenting groups or just a group of you and your friends. They can even be provided as educational classes to professional who work with young children (such as childcare facilities, postpartum workers, and even medical personnel). 

Depending on group size and location, seminars can take place in your home, in a meeting space, or even over the computer as a webinar. Advance registration and payment is required to host or attend, and all seminars require a minimum of 5 participants.

Sleep Training Seminars in Orange County CA and Virtually Everywhere!

Group Seminar Options

Biggest Dream Tips (and Q&A) - $25/person

Here is your chance to get all the best sleep essentials that we (and most sleep experts) use as a foundation to our plans for sleep success. You will learn about the most vital strategies to use when helping your child to learn their sleep skills, why they are important, and how to start incorporating them that very night. And there will be an opportunity to ask questions and discuss the answers as they pertain to your own child and family. Generally runs 1 hour.

Dream School for a specific age group - $50/person

This age specific seminar is a more detailed curriculum of the sleep essentials that are important for a group of similar aged little dreamers (newborns, younger infants, older infants, toddlers, preschool, etc.). You will be learning all about the essentials of sleep skills development at that age and the strategies to foster them. Additionally, you will be provided with a sample sleep plan and schedule and environment checklist for this age group that you can use as a basis for your own sleep plan with your little dreamer. Generally runs 1 hour.

** Ages of all children need to be in a similar age group in order to attend; please contact me to help arrange age groups **

Big Sleep Plan Course - $100/person

This course gives you ALL the tools you need to create and implement a sleep plan specific to YOUR little dreamer. We will spend the time learning about the basics of sleep skills, how they develop, why they are important, and how to address the issues your little one may be facing. Then you will use the template and worksheets to develop the sleep plan that is right for you and your child. I can give you all the guidance you need to include strategies that will ensure success, as well as how to troubleshoot likely road blocks that may come up. The Big Sleep Plan Course will help you confidently work with your child toward independent sleep, and give you premier options for follow up support with me (if you need it). Can run up to 2 hours depending on the size of the group.

Dream Lessons for Professionals – contact to negotiate price

Sleep education is important for a wide range of professionals and can be utilized by day care workers, nanny agencies, medical offices, lactation workers, and anyone who work with mommies and babies postpartum or cares for children. Each seminar is structured for the needs of the professional group and will cover all you need to know to support babies, children, and families on their Dream Journeys. Some examples may include:

- Nap essentials for large and small groups in day care centers and how to facilitate sleep needs for various age groups in the day care setting
- The basics of sleep training and independent sleep skills for doctors and pediatricians and how to guide parents while they tackle their child’s sleep challenges
- The relationship between sleep and breast feeding and how Lactation Consultants can work with mothers and babies for successful eating and sleeping goals

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