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Personalized sleep solutions for Dreamers of all ages

Personalized sleep solutions for Dreamers of all ages

Dreaming of sleep...

Do you have a baby who won’t sleep through the night? Or only falls asleep while feeding, rocking, swinging, bouncing, etc?

Do you need help moving your child to their own bed? Or are you fighting with a toddler for hours on end each night at bedtime?

Perhaps your infant’s naps are extremely short and sporadic? Or your poor child is so over tired that they are unable to enjoy fun and educational daytime activities?

I bet you feel like you have tried EVERYTHING and nothing seems to work; and what’s worse is your own lack of sleep is affecting your health, marriage, parenting and overall happiness.

The good news is that these issues and challenges ARE able to be changed quickly and successfully. I can help you give your child the gift of sleep; a well-rested child is curious, energetic, happy, playful and eager to learn. As soon as your baby (or toddler or older child) develops their own independent sleep skills (with your help, support and love) they can use those skills to become happier and more rested little dreamers!

About Rebecca

Dreaming of getting to know Rebecca

I am a certified pediatric and adult sleep coach providing personalized sleep solutions to dreamers of all ages. I have helped hundreds of families (here in Southern California and all over the country) tackle their specific challenges and get the restful sleep they need. I will provide successful solutions to YOUR unique situation.

As a mother of two, I truly understand what sleep deprivation can do in just a short amount of time. Not only have I seen it in myself, but also my own husband and kids, other family, and close friends here in my community. Yes, my sleep consulting journey started with my own first born and our cluelessness around baby sleep. There were countless words of advice from friends and families, books read with such fatigue that the information didn’t sink in, and long nights spent searching the vast abyss of information on the internet.

Since that time, I have grown so much as a parent, partner, and professional. It is my passion to ensure that everyone I work with can succeed in tackling these challenges. I am able to develop the RIGHT solution for you; drawing on my psychology background, behavioral modification techniques, multiple certifications, and vast experience. I can ultimately guarantee sleep improvement with my consultation packages in Ladera, CA and surrounding areas. Feel free to reach out and ask anything you need to know!

Certified Sleep Consultant in Ladera Ranch, California

My Services

Dream Consultations

0-3 Months + Prenatal
3-17 Months
Developmental delays, special needs, & more

Want to know what you get when you work with me? All packages include a PRIVATE consultation (in-home and video chat options available), a clear, easy-to-follow, PERSONALIZED sleep plan created with your input, and EXTENSIVE follow-up support with me (customized to your needs). Plus more! I design all of my Dream Consultations to meet the needs of each child and family; there are unique aspects, parenting styles, and personalities to take into account to ensure the success dreamers I work with and that is reflected in each and every consultation!

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Your dreams have become a reality! Sleep is possible.

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Phone: You can call or text me directly at (949) 272-0725.
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